Pip (retired born 2008)

Comebyanaway Reddy ‘N Willin – born 2008 (3rd generation homebred Will x Red)

Pip has sired 5 litters

Pip was the dog we kept from Red and Will’s first litter. He is simply perfect in every way. Pip is never pushy but he is up for everything going. He never demands but politely asks. Pip competed at Grade 7 Champ in Agility with Mandy before filmwork demands took over.  Pip has sired 5 litters who are excelling in dog sports, the majority of his pups are now competing at Grade 7 Champ Agility and have won Agility Champion Tickets and Reserve tickets. Pip also has a daughter who has represented Team GB in HTM for the last 3 years gaining a Silver medal at the FCi World Championships. Pip is a dog you never really notice is there but who would leave the biggest hole if he wasn’t.

Pip has had his full bank of health tests and has come back CLEAR on everything – EAOD, DM, CEA, Dental Hypomineralisation, Goniodsygenesis, Glaucoma, NCL, SN, MDR1, TNS, IGS and single figure combined hip scores.

Pip’s perfect day would be to play football in the Agility building all day. Even tho he is now 13 he can still (shhh just about) keep up with the Youngsters 🙂 

Pip’s children include

  • KUSA Agility Champion Comebyanaway Endless Love
  • UK Agility Ticket Winner  Comebyanaway By the Way Love
  • UK Agility Ticket Winner Comebyanaway Who Loves You
  • UK Novice Crufts Finalist Comebyanaway Kicks n Flicks
  • IFCS UK Team Member Comebyanaway Crazy Time
  • 3 x UK Team GB and 2019 Team GB Silver Freestyle medal– Comebyanaway Pure Love

Pip has sired 5 litters