Becca (retired born 2011)

Nidderdale Mist at Comebyanaway – born 2011

We purchased Becca as a part trained 2 year old Sheepdog.  She has impeccable breeding with her father being an ISDS English National Champion and her maternal Granny being the ISDS 2002 World Sheepdog Champion.  As we already had a Mist when we bought her we changed her name to Becca in honour of her Grandmother!

Becca has had 2 litters of puppies to our homebred Pip which are excelling in Agility with 2 already having won Agility Champion Tickets and Reserves, others have competed at Olympia and many national finals as well as being members of Team GB. She also has a super pup in Heelwork to Music which has been invited on Team GB for the 3rd year running as well at being placed 3rd at Crufts 2019 and obtaining a Silver Medal at the 2019 FCi World Dog Dancing Championships.

Becca had a third and final litter at the end of 2018 to Roy, a lovely unrelated dog, these pups have gone to sheep, agility and HTM homes.

Becca’s Offspring includes:

  • KUSA Agility Champion Comebyanaway Endless Love
  • UK Agility Ticket Winner  Comebyanaway By the Way Love
  • UK Reserve Agility Ticket Winner Comebyanaway Who Loves You
  • IFCS UK Team Member Comebyanaway Crazy Time
  • 3 x UK Team GB and 2019 Team Silver Freestyle medal– Comebyanaway Pure Love
  • Becca’s favourite day is any day that involves water as she LOVES water!