Madam J Comebyanaway – born 1997

Jet was full sister to the original Pip and became the foundation bitch for the Comebyanaway line. Jet was a very clever dog who ran at the Crufts Flyball Finals in 2003. She was also my first dog to dabble in Agility but hated weaves and as I had no idea how to teach her she decided 4 was enough. She did however win every competition she entered where no weaves had been included giving us a clue to what a properly trained Jet could have achieved! Jet also worked on the sheep with us, she really was a versatile all round little Collie. She lived very happily until a few months after her 16th Birthday.

Offspring included:

  • Comebyanaway Mist Ewe  – ISDS Registered on Merit
  • Comebyanaway Tyne         – ISDS Registered on Merit
  • Comebyanaway Will He Weave – ISDS Registered on Merit
  • Comebyanaway Rocket Man – Crufts YKC Obedience Winner and YKC Team Agility